About Us

About Us

Established in 1996, Tedcom offers a full range of IT services to support your business infrastructure outside of your data center, too. From networking to hardware to applications, our team of certified experts will monitor, manage and maintain your IT environment.
The vast majority of businesses utilize desktop technicians or IT specialist to manage and control their IT infrastructure. This involves manually controlling updates, backups, and dealing with troubleshooting end-user issues by teams that may not have time to spare. However, with modern software  we’ve learned to automate processes to cut down the staff and time involved in simple routine maintenance by instead allowing an automatic system to address these concerns.
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Transforming Business


Businesses today need to digitalise to thrive. This is making many look beyond on-premise IT; to the fast IT of software-defined infrastructure and the cloud. These technologies can help you deploy new apps quicker, handle more data and stay ahead of the competition. It’s a trend that puts emphasis on agility. But it doesn’t mean you can stop thinking about infrastructure. In fact, it makes it even more important to ensure that the component parts of your IT are working together as well as possible. So, how do you know your infrastructure is fit for purpose? What questions should you ask? What do you need to keep in mind? We’ve helped a wide range of organisations tackle these questions. Build or buy? Hybrid or cloud? We’ve created roadmaps to help businesses focus on their needs and make the right choices. 

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Work Life Shift

work life shift
The concept of the workplace has changed forever. It’s no longer necessarily somewhere your employees go. It’s now wherever they choose to be, whether that’s at home, in an office or on the move. And wherever it is, and however they connect with it, they expect the same system access, performance, support and security they enjoyed when they came into the office every day. The same ability to access information, perform tasks and collaborate with their colleagues, partners and customers, using intuitive, resilient systems that let them be at their most productive and efficient. It’s the brave new world of the digital workplace. A hybrid working model that gives people the flexibility they need to do their best work and live their best lives. Helping them respond to the challenges that lie ahead.
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Our Mission

To deliver a full-cycle engineering and software development services that adapt seamlessly to our client's project requirements and business needs.

Our Vision

To be the leading IT solutions company and the biggest tech hub in Africa. 

Our Values

Integrity Beyond Reproach: 

We will meet the highest ethical and professional standards in all of our organizational endeavors and, in doing so, we hold ourselves accountable to our mission and to the public. Be honest at all times.

Be accountable to each other, to the mission, partners and to our clients.

We earn trust by building relationships, being competent, and following through on all of our commitments.

One Strength: 

Our strength and vitality lie in being one organization working together in local places and across borders to achieve our global mission. We value the collective and collaborative efforts that are so essential to our success. 

Work across all of our operations to implement and support the right strategies, at the right scales, and at the right places always with the greater good of our mission in mind.

Act with continuity of purpose in everything we do, from the focus of our development efforts to the deployment of our products. 

Celebrate individual, team and project success as the success of all who work for Tedcom.

Governing Board

A group of highly experienced building industry professionals who hold senior positions on the staff or Boards of our Subsidiaries. The Board’s role is to advise and oversee management's organisational strategy and governance, and to ensure we are operating effectively as a seamless provider of IT solutions to businesses and delivering on our mission.
Dr. Christopher O. Adeogun

Managing Director

Dr. Adeogun
Dr. Charles Adedamola Adeogun

Deputy Managing Director 

Mr. Adeiza Suleman

Executive Director, Business Analytics

sijuade Ojuolape Duntan
Mrs. Duntan Sijuwade-Ojuolape

Executive Director, Technical & Operations

Maria Ioana
Maria Ioana Ivascau

Executive Director, IT Audit & Compliance

Mr. Justin Tinsey

Executive Director, Energy & Utilities 

ifeanyi chiazor
Ify Chiazor

Executive Director, Finance & Accounts

Adefemi Alabi

Executive Director, Construction Services

Other Services Offerings

Investment Migration
Construction Services
emergency response
Emergency Response
Cloud Migration
Easy Learning Management System
Energy & Utilities
Fibre Optic Cable Networks
Medical Services
Public Safety

Maximize What's Possible

Our partner and ServiceNow help you to confidently deliver the right experiences for your employees and customers. We offer a full range of services designed to help you get more value from your investment in ServiceNow. Whether digitizing business processes, transforming how you do business with your customers, or simply assisting you to manage the ever-changing Now Platform, we can help. 

The avoidable inefficiency of poor processes, the complexity of disjointed systems, your customers and workforce demanding things better, faster, easier... We're here to help. With our experience, expertise, and vision, you can get the best out of ServiceNow creating the great experiences your customers and employees demand.

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