who are we

We're Beloxxi, a major manufacturer of fast moving goods


We employ a hygienic and efficient production process to
distribute Cream Crackers, the food of the human race.


In 1994, the company was incorporated as a Private Limited Liability Company: Beloxxi & Company Limited (BCL). BCL specialized in the importation and distribution of internationally branded biscuits in Nigeria on exclusive distributorship basis:

  • Hwa Tai And Luxury Biscuits From Malaysia
  • Tatawa Cookies And Soft Biscuits From Malaysia
  • Dean’s Shortbread From Scotland

In March 2003, the Federal Government of Nigeria banned the importation and distribution of all kinds of biscuits into Nigeria. Consequently BCL decided to go into local production of biscuits.

In December 2003, the United States of America Export and Import Bank (US EXIM) approved a $2.2 Million Loan Facility for BCL to build an ultra-modern, fully integrated and automated biscuit factory-the first of its kind in Nigeria.


In 2006 for advancement from Trading to Manufacturing, BCL changed its name to BELOXXI INDUSTRIES LIMITED (BIL) and began full scale production of freshly baked Cream Crackers biscuits.


Beloxxi Brand Of Biscuits

The Biscuit of Nigeria