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C & A Enterprises, a subsidiary of Tedcom Group. Nigeria’s leading Business Support Solution Company, a pioneer among Nigerian outsourcing companies providing wide range of outsourcing and business support solutions for businesses globally with over 25 years in business. We help companies improve their bottom line when they leverage outsourcing.

Our management consulting administrations center around our customers’ most basic issues and openings: standard procedures, marketing, and sales promotions, tasks, innovation, change, computerized background checks, technology solutions, recruitment, and selection overall businesses. We have demonstrated a multiplier impact from enhancing the whole of the parts, not simply the individual pieces.

We partner with our clients to optimize their talent management processes and reduce volatility, ensure a highly engaged and productive workforce so that our clients can focus on the core of the business. Our Certified HR Experts ensures your business stays compliant, setting up your HR the right way to ensure you protect your business from fines and lawsuits in the long run. Get access to valuable information and resources to ensure your business keeps succeeding today.
Do you want staff/personnel management solution that is built with data-proven experience to drive business results? The answers to your HR questions are highly dependent on your location, industry and size of business. Our HR Management solutions is customized to provide you with the support and guidance that are unique to your business needs. People Management Solution for employees effectively relieves our client from the rigors of day to day HR operational management, enabling them to focus on more strategic and value-adding business activities.
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With the market getting more and more competitive, Sales Outsourcing can be a proven success weapon for your business to close the year with exceptional sales figures. With C & A Enterprises, you can leverage Sales Outsourcing for a more defined and orientated approach to reducing financial risk and cost in order to attract high sales volume. Sales Outsourcing help fill your sales experience gaps and deliver on the objectives for outsourcing your sales.
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