Cloud Networks

Cloud Wifi Hotspots

Full featured, Cloud-based WiFi hotspot management platform WiOS Cloud provides a single console management platform for remote WiFi hotspots for network operators and system integrators. It is designed to manage heterogenous WiFi networks from leading wireless vendors. 

WiOS platform comes with complete set of features needed to manage remote WiFi hotspots from central console. Operators get full set of features in single platform without having to do upfront investment. Our Cloud-based platform allows operators to pay-as-you-go which brings down the TCO and operational costs.


Exceptional Guest Experience

WiFi for smooth internet experiences 
Offer multiple login methods like 
Username/Password, Mobile/Email Verification, 
Vouchers, Social Media, Passcodes and more.

Generate Revenue From Wifi

In-built WiFi Monetisation and Marketing Platform 
for you to leverage the most out of your WiFi hotspots

Powerful Analytics & Insights

In-depth reports about user activity, data usage and more, presented through intuitive graphical charts.

Powerful insights into customer behavior, demographics and usage patterns.


Branded For You

Fully customize guest experience with branded captive portals and personalized user experience. 
Seamless onboarding of customers using 10+ login methods.

Multi Vendor Support

Easy integration with all major WiFi hotspot 
vendors like Cisco, Ruckus, Aruba, Cambium, 
Mikrotik and many more.