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Cloud Based Wifi Controller

Simplify your cloud journey. Configure, manage and monitor your entire network over cloud, through a single pane of glass. Modern networks, today, are increasingly Cloud managed to save costs, boost productivity and enhance network security posture. Cloud Based WiFi provides a simple, efficient and cost-effective model for managing distributed networks from a single console. Businesses desire an easy-to-use, centrally manageable and secure solution regardless of location, and this is very well achieved with a cloud managed network.
Eliminate the need for on-premise infrastructure 
Centrally manage all your network assets 
Saves infrastructure and maintenance cost
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Deep Network Visibility

Gain deep insights into network operations 
Visualize network operations in single dashboard 
Understand user trends and network bottlenecks
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Advanced RRM Functions

Optimize Radio Frequency network environments 
Improve user experience 
Setup self-healing and auto-scaling
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Zero Touch Provisioning

Configure networks with a single click 
Save installation and setup cost 
No need of specialized field workforce

Cognitive Troubleshooting

Real-time event tracking & alerts
Identify network issues proactively 
Rich analytics to monitor network performance
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Enteprise Wifi Access Points

Delivering unforgettable internet experiences with fast and reliable WiFi connectivity. When wireless connectivity is the concern, we minister to every need of it. Today's wireless networks are stressed with huge demand for speed, complex RF environments, high client density and rising user expectations. Indio's Enterprise WiFi Access Points guarantee superior performances.

Wifi-6 Future Ready

Get ready for WiFi-6 experience. WiFi-6 Access Points offer 
blazing fast Internet experiences, lesser congestion in high 
density deployments and greater channel capacity for seamless 
data transmission.
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Consistent Wifi Performances

Unparalleled performance and pervasive coverage for superior connectivity 
Access points that deliver high throughput and performance.
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Value For Money

Pay the right price for right set of features 
WiFi gear that is affordable and designed to fit every deployment scenario.

Advanced Features

Packed with all advanced enterprise features 
Delivers seamless coverage and high performance for corporate networks
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Qualcomm Advantage

State-of-the-art technology designed for speed and performance 
Improved end-to-end performance and signal reliability for thousands of users across wide areas, with industry leading Qualcomm chipsets.

Fibre Optic Cable Networks

Design, planning and implementation of turnkey projects; including characterization, right - of - Way approvals, project management, project implementation, testing, network operations and maintenance. their platforms providing cutting edge services to their subscribers. 

Design, planning and implementation of copper access networks, turnkey projects; construction of external line plant (ELP), for Underground and overhead terrestrial ‘last mile’ cable network infrastructure.

Design, planning and implementation of Subscriber Access Network on various access technologies: last mile copper, fibre to the loop, fibre to home and wireless local loop (TDMA, GSM, WiMax, SDH and DWDM). 
 Construction of VSAT communication site, Site acquisition, Site planning, characterization, implementation (civil, mechanical and electronic work).