Growmax B2B Ecommerce

What is B2B (Business to Business) eCommerce?

A definition: Today business to business, commonly known as B2B, traditionally selling their products using their physical sales teams to their customers. When the same products sold through an online channel with the help of eCommerce, it is known to be B2B eCommerce.


Why should you sell online?

As per Forrester study, 74% of B2B buyers research before making purchase decisions. The B2B buyers are changing, and the new millennials have become buyers. Where the new generation buyers may prefer the B2C like personalized experience through digital channels for B2B. Making their presence online helps B2B companies to cater to the needs of their customers 24×7.

The platform can save 30-40% of the sales team’s time. The new platform can handle routine tasks like pick up the order and fulfillment discussions. They can now spend their time effectively spent on strategic coaching or to provide trusted advice to their customers.

So, every manufacturer, wholesaler & distributor must provide a B2B eCommerce experience to their customers.


What should they expect in a B2B eCommerce platform?

B2B eCommerce is very different; hence, traditional B2C eCommerce platform won’t do the required job for B2B, or else heavy customizations are required to suit the requirement.

One should look for the below basic requirements of a B2B eCommerce.

Custom quotations

Ease of ordering

Multiple price-lists

Personalized experience (Customer-specific pricing, catalog, terms, etc.)

Integration with your enterprise applications like ERP, CRM etc.,


What Growmax B2B Commerce platform can offer?

Growmax B2B Commerce platform is built for conducting true business to business transactions. Your B2B customers will have access to their specific pricing and promotions, an image-rich digital catalog, and inventory availability. They can place orders on their own time—on any device— without any back-and-forth with your sales operations team.


Single flexible collaborative commerce for B2B selling.

Growmax's commerce platform can manage your existing & new customers. Single version of truth whether sales person punching the order or for a customer self service.

b2b ecommerce 1

Complete quotation & order management.

Quotation & Order management is a flexible solution that helps you streamline the buying experience. Capture all quotations & orders with versions and connect sales representatives to your customers.

b2b ecommerce 2

Approval workflows & project collaboration.

Customizable approval process streamlines your sales quote to customers. Avoid all internal emails & bring collaboration with tasks to provide great customer experience

b2b ecommerce 3

Customer support & field service.

You don't need another software to support your customers. Bring all your internal teams together & provide them with 360 degree view of customers.

b2b ecommerce 4

Product catalog & filters management.

Faceted, intuitive search helps customers to quickly find the products they want to browse using filters like size, color, and brand - even add in custom attributes.

b2b ecommerce 5


Sales leaders should anticipate the change in their buyer behavior and prepare their sales team for the most significant changes. Manufacturers can build singular commerce experience for their partners & customers. Distributors can make their physical stores as micro delivery centers and provide click to collect, buy online, and return to store kind of features to their customers. Building a new sales channel is imperative for manufacturers, wholesalers & distributors in today’s fast pacing changes. Happy selling!