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As stores re-open and shoppers return, delivering a great customer experience is more important than ever. Shoppers are keen to return, so don’t greet them with long-queues and impersonal service.

With budgets tight, maybe you’re looking at pop-up as the fast and low-cost way to open new stores?

Mobile POS is the perfect solution for the new-look retail of 2021

  • Faster checkout for a great customer experience
  • Personalisation at the checkout
  • No queues at checkout or pickup points
  • Rapid setup of pop-up stores or new checkouts for business flexibility
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iVend Digital Commerce

Your Gateway to Success in the World of Online Retail

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An Opportunity to Maximise Your Returns with Our Discounted Prices


Create an online store backed by powerful tools that help you source customers, drive new business, and manage your day-to-day operations. One unified platform to sell products to anyone, anywhere-in person with Point of Sale and online through your website, social media, and online marketplaces.

Quickly set up your store into the world of online shopping

  • Reach a new potential online customer base
  • Deliver a consistent customer experience at every touchpoint
  • Offer sophisticated delivery options like Click & Collect, BOPIS / Curbside
  • Move slow-moving & excess inventory quickly via online sales

Now through to the end of June 2021, we are offering special discounts on the iVend Digital Commerce package including set up and management costs, so you can start selling online now.

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In years past, the technology gap between retailers didn’t matter much. In the current environment of disruption, innovation, and consumer driven shopping trends – it’s all that matters.

I am sure like many others in your industry you are pivoting to meet new regulations for doing business safely. While I cannot predict the future, it certainly seems like the right time to consider delivery services and in-store or curbside pickup options both to keep up with the new trend of direct delivery and to keep your employees safe and operations running smoothly.

From a business perspective, it doesn’t have to be expensive to bring on new capabilities, but it does require coordination. Perhaps you are finding that your old Point of Sale and store technology can no longer meet your needs, or it’s lacking online integration to manage your inventory in the ways you need to readily fulfill customer demand.

I represent iVend Retail, a cloud-based retail management solution that is designed to help businesses such as yours provide a better customer experience and readily integrates with whichever accounting system or ERP you are using. iVend Retail helps you gather customer information quickly, provides advanced reporting, a better way to track inventory movement across your sales channels (both in-store and online), and a POS flexible and scalable enough to keep up with the changing times

Would you be the right person to talk to about our solution and how we can help you take the next step in boosting store foot traffic and attracting new customers to your brand? If someone else handles this, I would love an intro.



Oluwatobi Adeogun