Mining Solutions

Measurement & Control

 With the use of our customized PowerBrick and Panel PC systems, you can integrate sensors, camera recorders and upload live video automatically to the control room directly from the field. Control your mining machines with live information and top of the line technology.

Surveillance Solution

Keep your mining field safe and secure without the need for large fences, using our smart surveillance technology AcuVision to spot smoke, flame, fire, movement, and create a “Virtual Fence’ and “Safety Zone” to alert security instantly during incursions or emergencies.

Networked Vehicles

With Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) and vehicle-mounted touchscreen computers, keep track of every vehicle in the mining field and have them all interconnected by Wi-Fi and/or 4G/LTE.

Reduce Exploration Cost & Time

Our computers know the GPS location of your extraction points and connected to sensors on the excavator give you the exact location where to dig without wasting time. On a Panel computer installed inside the cabin, the excavator’s operator sees all data needed for site exploitation: GPS locations, Payload monitoring, particle size analysis, and many other options.

Remote Controlled Excavator

In hard situations like bad weather, minimum operational staff, or critical times like Covid-19, excavators and mining vehicles nowadays can be distance-controlled without a human presence on site.

Missing Tooth Detection

By installing our computers with connected sensors, you get to know if a bucket tooth is missing before it creates a problem inside the grounding machine. As its one of the most difficult situations, we integrate a measurement system to minimize your unplanned downtime and productivity losses.

Tooth Wear Detection

You can optimize your tooth change-out intervals by monitoring your bucket teeth and detect tooth wear as soon as it happens. Our computers can be equipped with any mining software to instantly measure tooth line and tooth length and prepare any replacement if required.