Oil & Gas Solutions

Measurement While Drilling

We work directly with our MWD/LWD partners to integrate, customize, and certify our Surface Systems for MWD/LWD suppliers. We custom make our Surface Systems by integrating many features helping engineers get data while drilling. 

Customized, Certified, Integrated​

Salt, Sea, Sand, Sleet and Snow resistant Temperature: -40 to +70C range


Control Room Solutions

Manage your teams in the field from the safety of the control room with the best in the technology for Panel PCs, Monitoring Systems, and long-range connectivity. 22 Inch panel PCs for high visibility and workspace​ Integrated with 900 Mhz radio receivers, WiFi, 4G/LTE and much more for multiple streams of connectivity and redundancy with workzone systems. Customizable hardware and software for all requirements

Camera Systems

We comprehend your needs. Whether it’s keeping an eye on pipelines, a manufacturing center, drilling operation, or moving items to trucks, rail cars, trucks, or tankers, you require the perfect partnership to support your needs for now and in the future. 

Movement, Fire and Smoke Detection System​

Connectivity and Zoom Explosion proof body 

Anodized Steel enclosures with IP68 and ATEX Certified enclosures for any environment


Mobile Workforce

Time matters and we know how to minimize downtime and maximize productivity with our certified mobile solutions. Our products are customizable and can last in any environment. GPS, Wifi and 4G LTE Connectivity​

Touchscreen that works in the Sun or in the Rain 

Certified Products with ATEX & IECEx Zone 0 / 20 and UL913 Class I / II Division 1 certification


Integrated & Compatible

We provide MWD tool builders with integrated pressure transducers of their choice (Noralis, XXT, ErdosMiller, PDT…) into our surface system, certified for C1D2, IECEx and ATEX for hazardous locations, reducing overhead costs, delivery, wiring and setup time. From Pressure Decoders, Well-Loggers, Microhard 900 MHz Radio, 4G/LTE and much more, the Roughneck-15 can be the Hub for all your MWD needs.

Wireless Connectivity

From the field to the control room, all our products are easily connected to the same network. With built-in Wi-Fi, Microhard 900 MHz Radio, Satellite, and 3G/4G/LTE, our certified surface systems are designed to ensure constant interconnectivity between control rooms and field engineers.

Durable For Any Location

In any harsh environment, the RoughNeck 15 C1D2 certified surface system is built to perform under extreme conditions. Its resistant to Salt, Sea, Sand, Sleet, Snow and much more. No matter where, your Roughneck 15 will not only survive but do so year after year.

Reduce Your Cost

From delivery by helicopter, building integrated cases, and reducing overall bloat of cables, cases and chassis, we have helped over 50+ companies save time, money and resources by providing efficient designs and some of the quickest turnaround time on the market. Save money, improve profits and let us help you succeed.

High Bright Screen

Visibly is the key to safety, and having high bright screens at 1000 NITs is the way to show clear information in any lighting. Even in direct sunlight, the RoughNeck 15 outshines the competition in more ways than one.

3 Years Premium Warranty

We trust our product to survive in any environment, and we provide the best warranty on the market to prove it. We include a 3-Year Full Coverage Warranty on all our products, because products can be replaced and repaired but time cannot be. Before leaving our factory, our products are tested by rigorous quality controls, and if anything happens after your purchase, you will be completely covered.

Powerful & Compact

Your company deserves the most potent Panel PC in the market. Forget about those heavy computers that make it hard to transport or to carry by hand. Our RoughNeck-15 weight is only 5.5 kg (15 Lbs) and is available with a military-grade case with customized stiff foam for your company.