Business & Application Services

We take an innovation-led approach to business application services that makes use of emerging technology and software-as-a-service. By migrating your applications to the Cloud, we deliver application solutions that are underpinned by IaaS - our secure, high-performance cloud computing service. We understand that business applications must be deployed and upgraded quickly, efficiently, securely, and cost effectively, and will work closely with you to co-create a solution that delivers measurable business benefits. Our end-to-end service portfolio incorporates every element from application development and integration through to application management and outsourcing.
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Engineering lifeCycle Management

Within business today, digital technologies offer a world of new opportunities to innovate, create efficiencies, enhance quality, and improve the customer experience. The pace of change is accelerating, and for legacy organizations looking to compete with more data-centric and agile market entrants, the transformation of incompatible legacy applications has become a priority. Multi-cloud, combined with new capabilities such as; IoT, AI, Quantum-Inspired computing, and blockchain provide a wealth of opportunities to create new products, services, and business models. However, the question is, when transitioning to take advantage of these new technologies, should you leverage multi-cloud, transform existing applications or build new, cloud-native applications?
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Multi-Cloud Security

Choosing the right solution The variety of platforms, their pros, cons and speed of evolution, means choosing 'which cloud for which workload?' is becoming an increasingly complex decision. We understand that key concerns which influence this decision are: gaining the richest functionality for hosting, modernizing and development maximizing ROI and scale through right-sized workloads with increased portability complying with data sovereignty, security and industry regulation requirements optimizing application performance and reducing system latency integrating and managing distributed systems and data with different needs.
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 Fusion CX

Designed with Unified Interface for Omnichannel Support Identify and add the channels your customers prefer to communicate with your business, serve them right there without letting your agents toggle between different screens. Our Omnichannel ticket management system lets you create automatic helpdesk tickets for all the queries coming in through email, webchat, social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube), voice calls, SMS, and other messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp.
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Cloud Call Center Solutions 

With changing customer expectations, it is time for organizations to do away with legacy PBX systems and move to a modern cloud-based call center that offers them flexibility while modernizing their call center operations to increase agent productivity and customer satisfaction.
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Cloud Data Analytics

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Rapidly deliver the data-driven insight you need Available as a fully managed platform, Multi-Cloud Data Analytics – Powered by ManageNow® is: Easy to implement – as a containerized solution, Multi-Cloud Data Analytics runs on, and be transported between, any cloud and on-premise infrastructure. Quick to deliver ROI – drive insights and value from your data immediately. Scale the solution up and down easily and customize for your specific needs. Without risk of vendor lock-in – unlike competitor technologies, Tedcom’s Multi-Cloud Data Analytics open source architecture provides complete flexibility.
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Data Center Services

We have developed a suite of top-of-rack switches that support flexible and efficient scale-out server infrastructures, especially in combination with new modular servers. This approach results in several improvements, including infrastructure efficiency for cloud computing, end-to-end virtualization and consolidation. Close partnerships with network technology partners complement the portfolio for building complete IT infrastructures. Storage-area networks (SANs) will continue to be the backbone of the data center network for the next investment cycle, but they need enhancements in terms of bandwidth and management functions. A lot of new use cases are based on Ethernet networks, with bandwidths of up to 100 Gbit and increasingly virtualized fabric architectures for building dynamic data centers. We offer the best of breed, high performance IP Networking Switches. And it goes without saying that Fujitsu server and storage systems are fully compatible with products from all important network switch vendors, including Cisco.
Data Center Services

Transportation Automation

With our tailored digital air transport solutions, we are helping to shape the future of air transport and improve the passenger travel experience. Our digital technology and solutions can help you to overcome your business challenges and expand the remits of your service. We are a trusted technology partner within the aerospace and highway sector and have a proven track record developing and deploying innovative digital solutions that enable intelligent mobility. We can help you to meet the challenges you face in maintaining access for road users across Africa. Digital transformation has become an urgent priority for transport operators. It can link the back-office with the front-office to ensure that purchasing a ticket is easy and straightforward, passenger data is kept secure, and data collected can be turned into actionable insight into customer behaviour. With the transport sector now under intense pressure to digitally transform, the question is - what priorities need to be addressed by operators to ensure that they arrive at the digital right destination?
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PM-Wifi Access Networks

Prime Minister WiFi Access Network Interface abbreviated as PM-WANI is a government initiative which aims to bring large scale deployment of WiFi hotspots through the country. It aims to unleash a massive WiFi network and expedite the proliferation of broadband internet services to provide the last mile connectivity. WiFi hotspots at several grocery stores, local shops, cafés and any such public places across the country can be set up. There will be no license fee or registration fee for it and businesses can take services from any ISP and use their physical location to provide WiFi.
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Robotics Process Automation

The traditional RPA CoE model is not designed to tackle scale out challenges around rapid deployment, robust support and the supply of a new army of automation specialists to delivery this change. We have reimagined the CoE to deliver an industrialised Automation Operating Model to overcome these new challenges comprising an Agile Automation Factory with modular, self-organising delivery pods that may be easily scaled. Our Robotics Operations Centre operates on a 24/7 basis leveraging Operational Analytics to drive structural continuous improvement while our Automation Academy design to tackle the war on talent and supply the required resource pools needed to deliver automation maturity. 

There are significant benefits realised in RPA pilots and initial deployments that can be rapidly scaled out across the enterprise. Yet business and IT leaders are struggling to move the needle with only an additional 1% of enterprises scaling to over 50 robots in the past year. 

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Omnichannel Contact Center

Save time and resources by intelligently auto-routing incoming interactions from different channels to the right agent based on agent’s skill, workload, customer category, priority or persona to ensure a quick resolution. In addition to the basic routing rules like Skill Based and Least Recently Used routing, Our Omni’s advanced routing capabilities include Preferred Agent routing, Dedicated Agent routing or routing based on the inputs from third-party or back-end system. By implementing smart routing automation, managers spend less time handling escalations and can focus more on operations. 
 Viewing all the inter-related interactions clubbed under a single conversation can help the business to maintain the context and assist agents to engage in a personalized manner. Our Conversation Resolver functionality automatically checks whether the incoming interaction from any channel is related to an already existing conversation. If yes, then the new interaction is auto-appended to the existing conversation and routed to the agent already handling that conversation.
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Public Safety Solutions

In recent years, public security incidents occur frequently all over the world. A reliable, secure and real-time public security network is becoming more and more important. In the face of more complex public security incidents, countries have put forward higher requirements for public security private network on this basis. Broadband and data become the future trend.
Responding effectively to both day-to-day operational requirements and emergency incidents requires teamwork and efficient coordination. The instant, group calling services provided by two-way radios means public safety workers can easily receive and respond to instructions from operations centres and communicate with each other to ensure a better collaborative, coordinated response.
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Utilities & Energy

Electricity, gas and water utility companies with distribution failures immediately disrupt both consumers and the economy. Utility companies sometimes have distribution networks comprising of thousands of kilometers of infrastructure, overhead lines and sub-station assets in locations with very little coverage due to being based in remote uneven terrain areas. Oil and gas installations require robust, resilient and reliable communication systems to support efficient day-to-day operations and to coordinate a swift and effective response to major incidents. 

The nature of the industry necessitates a strong safety culture to protect both the workforce and the environment. Naturally, such critical and wide-ranging operations require reliable communications to ensure the workforce can keep vital services running with access to reliable communications anytime, anyplace- We offer the widest range of choice including narrow band mission critical voice products, broadband data infrastructure and the most robust terminals and accessories in the market today.

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Communication In Transportation 

With continuous expansion of city and rapid increase of urban population, traffic congestion becomes even more serious. Seven days a week, transportation system takes passengers to widely scattered stations along crisscross lines in safely and punctually. With in-depth understanding of customers' challenges, we aim to build a professional transportation solution, which is capable of keeping smooth communications in any situation. 
The public transportation must offer a smooth passenger transport even under maximum utilisation. Our IP-based TETRA mobile radio system offers the BKV a voice and data transmission over the entire route network that is always available and secure. A mobile radio is integrated in every vehicle. Thanks to the user-friendly terminals, the operation is optimally integrated in the day-to-day operating steps of the vehicle drivers. The operating company profits from the low maintenance costs, the flexible expandability and the high frequency usage of our system.
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Emergency Response

emergency response

Sudden disasters can be unpredictable and avoided only by responding quickly and minimizing casualties. Infrastructure may also be damaged. There is no communication network. Therefore, the most urgent need to set up a temporary communication network for search and rescue personnel to quickly respond to the precious multimedia information to the headquarters. 

Responding effectively to emergency incidents requires teamwork and efficient coordination. The instant, group calling services provided by two-way radios means team can easily receive and respond to calls from dispatchers, the on-site commander and each other to ensure a better collaborative, coordinated response. Two-way radios enable users to communicate directly radio-to-radio bypassing the main network. Direct mode is normal operating procedure on the spot, but it is also very useful in tall buildings, tunnels, underground areas and when operating beyond main network coverage in more remote areas.

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Commercial Solutions

Although budgets tend to be limited, there is an increasing justification and demand for mobile two-way radios on sites, to enable staff to share instant, vital communications outside and within the premises. Efficient communications are paramount in helping staff deliver on good experience to customers. 
A reliable communications investment can bring you more. Instant PTT connectivity via radios or PoC devices enables administrators to communicate with particular call groups simultaneously, rather than have to contact them all individually, for faster response.
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commercial solutions