Solar Services

Residential Solar System

Tedcom utilizes the latest technology to provide 24/7 power to your home, utilizing solar panels (photovoltaics, or PV), inverters (to convert the power generated for loads), and batteries. We utilize the most advanced technology to provide the most efficient back-up, grid-tied and hybrid solutions. Back-Up Power Solutions Consisting mainly of the battery and inverter, our back-up systems supply power to essential appliances (routers, servers, lights and PCs) seamlessly in power outages. These back-up power solutions are also known as an uninterrupted power supply (UPS). The utility power keeps batteries charged prior to power outages, providing a hassle-free experience during grid downtime. 

Key Benefits 

Uninterruptible power supply to essential appliances 

Seamless transfer of power in outages

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Commercial & Industrial Solar System

Tedcom offers back-up or off-grid power solutions for your business. Our team of experts will analyze your load profile and determine where power from solar and storage can be maximized. Our preliminary analysis may include solar yield analysis and load usage, cost of equipment and operational expenditures (payback-period), and peak shaving (saving you money during costly periods). We offer tailored full-service solar power for a wide range of setups, including: retail shops, agricultural farms, warehouses, and large industrial properties.
Most commercial and industrial sites have very high daytime energy demands. By supplementing energy supply with Greentech’s solar solutions companies can offset a significant portion of their energy bill. Solar becomes an income-generating renewable energy asset, helping offset the operational costs associated with paying utility bills or using non-renewable sources (e.g. diesel generators). The return-on-investment (ROI) is usually accomplished within a few years and the client is left with a long-term renewable energy asset (with solar panel warranties of 25+ years).

Specialized Solar Services

Our specialized services includes EPC services, feasibility studies, operations and maintenance, project consultation, supply chain services, product knowledge and technical support, and financial analysis (capex reduction). Tedcom offers subcontracting services for government projects (utility-scale or mini grid/microgrids) and has vast experience with developing and commissioning solar and infrastructure projects across South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa. Feasibility studies are essential for any larger-scale power project. Tedcom can support in the analysis of design considerations such as project design, product and installation costs, including feasibility of solar vs. other technologies, coupling solar with other power generation sources, and lifecycle operations and maintenance (O&M) costs Though most solar and storage installations require much less operations and maintenance than other forms of renewable generation (and far less than non-renewable source) – Tedcom offers the quality, in-depth and the highest standard of O&M services.

Customized Backup & Offgrid Power Solutions

Tedcom Solutions offers customized backup, hybrid and off-grid solutions to meet your power demands. We utilize the latest technology to ensure maximum design life and cost savings. With over five years in the renewable energy industry across Africa we maintain extensive knowledge of solar photovoltaic (PV) system design and installation — from concept to commissioning. We are experts in leading technology, including industry-leading brands like the Tesla Powerwall, SMA, Solaredge, Goodwe, Victron, Alpha ESS, BMZ ESS, Solar MD, Bluenova, Pylontech, BYD, and Voltronic.