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Digitalize with Confidence with SAP Services

Welcome to the digital age, where Big Data, the Cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) form the foundation on which the new digital world is being built. As the world transforms into a realm of hyper-connectivity, networks will connect everyone with everything. To survive and prosper in this new digital age organizations must have the capability to adapt and reinvent themselves, develop new business models at speed, add new dimensions to their customer experiences, and redefine their customer relationships. 

Our Managed Security Services deliver all this and more. Comprehensive threat protection identifies potential risks, mitigates any immediate impact and prevents subsequent attacks from happening. As a leading security service provider, our intelligence-led, enterprise-grade solutions minimize disruption and maintain business continuity across your entire organization - leaving you to focus on other priorities.

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Security Consulting

As a comprehensive independent service delivering unrivalled expertise, proven methodology and extensive industry experience, Tedcom Cyber Security Consulting provides invaluable insight tailored to your particular organizational needs - and with a focus on protecting your business. Managed Security Services deliver all this and more. Comprehensive threat protection identifies potential risks, mitigates any immediate impact and prevents subsequent attacks from happening. As a leading security service provider, our intelligence-led, enterprise-grade solutions minimize disruption and maintain business continuity across your entire organization - leaving you to focus on other priorities.
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Energy & Utilities

For energy and utilities providers, digital transformation offers new ways to connect customers, assets, employees and derive actionable intelligence from IT. It provides a means to keep pace with the commercial, regulatory and technology changes affecting the industry, and enables better interaction with customers living in a connected world.
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Enterprise Solutions


CRM Services ‘One size fits all’ is no longer an acceptable or profitable method of marketing. And we’re constantly helping companies customize their marketing campaigns based on their customers’ needs to build effective customer journeys which are not confined to a single channel. Tedcom CRM enables companies to pull big data into their marketing strategies to grab the market pulse, gain a prospect’s mindshare and eventually turn them into buyers. With businesses undergoing a transformation at an unprecedented pace, Our CRM empowers you with agile and nimble teams in implementing the solutions that create business value for your Sales teams. 
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With a collaborative approach, our ERP design phase is all about discussion. Documenting all your requirements, we make sure we tick off all your boxes, have a solid design framework and define any ROI and KPIs required. With complete control, you get confidently sign off on the solution so we can ensure you get the right solution for your organization. Our Assisted Build approach means we work together as we build your solution. This unique approach provides each client’s teams the understanding and ability to drive and participate in each stage. An organic approach, we allow for adjustments to be identified and made as circumstances change.
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Automation In Industries

Manufacturing Processes

Panel PCs & brick computers that are ideal for the world of manufacturing. These solutions assist industrial machines in factories so that the manufacturing processes can be carried out with minimal human intervention. Benefits of manufacturing automation include leaner operation processes, less energy requirements, less wasted material and labour.


Industrial computing solutions have been utilized for very functions in rail, marine, in-vehicle, and fleet management functions. We design and manufacture custom solutions that are resistant to excessive vibration and shock. These rugged mobile transport solutions can be used to track vehicles, optimize routes, provide data, maintain communication, and enhance safety. They have been used by the military, emergency services, public transportation, and privately-owned fleets.

Warehouse Management

Our Panel PCs and HMI’s have been used in several warehouse companies like Purolator, to sort and automate various tasks such as product weight, numbering and others. Our solutions improve efficiencies, optimize labor, and enhance inventory management.

Agriculture & Food Service

Our HMI’s and Panel PCs are perfect for the agriculture and food industry. Utilized in greenhouse automation, bakery automation, autonomous tractor vehicles, and poultry farms. Our industrial computing solutions help to increase both productivity and safety. Automation increases the yield and rate of production, therefore reducing costs for end-users.

Cloud Migration Services

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Why Cloud Migration is Important to Business Growth? Cloud Migration is a process whereby an organization’s digital assets, resources and services or applications are deployed in the cloud, where the migrated assets cannot be accessed beyond the cloud’s firewall. With smart features and an unending array of business benefits, the Cloud computing trend has picked off in recent years. Gone are the days when ‘migration to the cloud’ was still a concept for debate. Smart user-friendly applications, time-saving features, ease of access, enhanced security and qualitative outputs propel the success of cloud computing and encourage non-cloud users to make this business-changing leap. Moreover, the reduction in implementation and licensing costs are opening avenues for business owners to invest in the Cloud.
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Artificial Intelligence

AI technology utilizes data to automate and amplify human capabilities, eliminate repetitive and mundane tasks, enable accurate unbiased decision making, reduce time to market and generate additional revenue streams. While AI has many clear benefits, there are challenges to overcome to realize them - ranging from creating a deliverable strategy through to ongoing implementation. We are one of the few vendors capable of deploying end-to-end AI solutions - leveraging our Data-Driven Transformation Strategy we help you build the right foundation for your digital transformation. With so many potential applications for Tedcom AI, it can be hard to know where to start, so we begin by consulting with you to co-create your AI deployment around your organizational goals.
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Meter Order Management System & Billing Support

An MDMS is essential to handling the large amounts of data generated through automated metering or the advanced metering infrastructure. It allows loose coupling between systems. Several automated meter reading (AMR) systems send their data through their respective head-end servers for the VEE routine to fill gaps in their data, creating clean, integrated and bill-ready data sets. Other utility systems like a data warehouse, outage management, or billing also get their data for their specific purposes from MDMS. Some AMR/AMI systems that provide meter data to MDMS are gas meters, electric meters and water meters. Compared to conventional grid systems, MDMS enables the consumer/customer to view all their consumption data under one structure, with the ability to manage both analogue and interval data to optimise usage and costs.
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Smart Factory Transformation

manufacturing automation
Shopfloor transformation has always been on the radar for manufacturers, but the seismic impact of COVID-19 has turned it from tomorrow’s nirvana to today’s needs-must. In the coronavirus-changed economy, customer expectations are changing fast – and your people, whatever their level of expertise, must be ready to rise to the challenge. Give your makers the smart factory technologies they need to shine; designing and developing products around customer demands, to build trusted, long-lasting relationships. By uniting makers and machinery, your business can drive operational excellence from the shopfloor, securely connecting your end-to-end supply chain and enabling innovation around on-demand availability, customization and personalization.
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Data Privacy/Masking- Test Data Automation

Use the built-in data generators to mask privacy-sensitive data and/or generate synthetic data from scratch. Use custom seed data for customization or add custom scripts to your masking templates. With our privacy tool, you can control the provisioning of masked privacy sensitive data with the automatically generated audit reports after each masking run. Share it directly with your CISO to exchange insights in the masking of privacy sensitive data. 


-Protect your sensitive test data by masking or generating it and use it for development and testing.

-Mask privacy sensitive data and get compliant to regulations such as GDPR, PCI and HIPAA.

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Data Subsetting- Test Data Automation

Modern software development requires representative test data that can be easily and fast made available. Our subset solution extracts specific selections out of production databases and makes it directly available within the test environment. Save costs on hardware and infrastructure by using small subsets of production data for test and development. Give each team their own test data to speed up their development by removing dependencies between teams. 

Build advanced subset templates for all your applications and databases with the easy to use data subsetting interface. Our patented algorithm makes sure you select the right data.
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data subsetting

Runtime- Data Automation

runtime 1
Agile and DevOps teams require high quality test data that can easily be distributed and provisioned, without dependencies on other teams or other time constraints. 

Our Runtime tool is the test data management platform for provisioning, monitoring and automating test data.

Manage and monitor the execution of test data environments from one TDM portal. Get notifications about the runs, save audit logging from all runs.

Use our extensive API to automate all processes in our Runtime tool to exectue subsetting, masking and generating processes of test data 

Automate the processes and make sure that subsetting and compliancy processes gets started instantly with the triggers and API, instead of waiting for colleagues.
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Data Discovery- Analyze

data-analysis-blog (1)
Quickly gather statistics over your data to get better insight in your data quality and learn more about your database in minutes. 

Use the profile engine to discover where privacy sensitive information is stored and extend it by adding your own profile rules with regular expressions, list of values or other expressions.

Directly view and down drill on your data statistics to get insight in the context and view related data.  Visualize inbound and outbound data relations to quickly gather insight in data dependencies and get a better understanding of your data model. Export the data statistics and profiling results into an easy to distribute HTML document that you can share with your team members. 
 Visualize your entity relation diagram and understand how your data is connected to each other. Export your datamodel to an image or print it directly.
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Customer Journey Management

customer journey
Automatically merge the interactions into a conversation coming from passive media like emails and provide contextual information to the customers. Combine interactions coming through different active and passive channels while maintaining the context of the conversation thus increasing agent’s productivity. Reduce the redundant task of toggling between tabs to maintain a conversation across different channels. 
Engage with your customers on their preferred channels. Analyze the mediums that your customers are using actively and reply to them via same the medium. Build relationships with your customers by providing them with the service on the media that they have chosen to interact with you. Send an email to your customers, be available on chat or pick up the call to answer their queries. Customers are delighted when they feel that they are being attended on their favorite channels.
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