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Dominica Citizenship By Investment

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The Citizenship-by-Investment Program in Dominica features simple qualifications and many benefits. Dominican citizenship can be obtained for the entire family, including children and parents, with a $140,000 donation or a $200,000 property purchase on the island. 
Dominica Citizenship Benefits: 
Visa Free Travel to over 140 Countries 
No Stay Requirement 
Fast Processing Time 
No Personal Income Tax 
Duty Free Trading in Caribbean

Greece Golden Visa

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The Greek Golden Visa Program, which began in 2013, offers a five-year residency permit in exchange for a €250,000 real estate investment in Greece. You are welcome to bring your family along to the residency program. The Greek Golden Visa permits you to live in Greece and travel freely across the Schengen area. 
Why Greece: 
Investment in Real Estate with ROI 
Low Cost Access to a European Golden Visa 
No Minimum Stay Requirements 
Access to Higher Education 
Health Services 
Visa Free Travel to Schengen Countries 
Fast Processing Time

Portugal Golden Visa

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The golden visa scheme in Portugal allows real estate investors to earn residency, as well as European citizenship. The Portuguese government created it in 2012 to stimulate investment into the country, and it has already attracted several billion Euros in real estate investment and over 2,000 family applications per year. 
Why Portugal: 
Investment in Real Estate - Euro 280,000 
Live, work, study in Portugal 
Travel Visa Free in Schengen Countries 
Minimum Stay Requirement 
Passport after 5 years

Portugal Golden Visa-Buy Back Option

280, 000 EURO investment in hotel shares BuyBack option- after 6 yrs when you are already a Portuguese citizen you choose to get a buyback of the amount invested (280,000 euro) 
Permanent Residency 
Free Education For children 
Medical Services 
Visa travel free to Schengen Countries 
7 days free hotel stay per year for family 
Passport after 5 years.