Telecom Support

Telco Wifi

Cellular networks have exploded since the decade of 2010. Telecom companies have a hard time managing dense LTE networks in crowded areas. To solve the problem of network congestion, Carriers have turned to data offloading. To solve Carrier problems, we offer a complete Carrier grade WiFi solution which helps Telecom companies offload data, decongest their cellular networks and provide constant connectivity. We offer WiOS, our cloud-native Software as a Service working in tandem with UniMax Access Points for Carriers to manage all OSS / BSS, OAM, Firewalls and data offloading concerns.

Deliver High Performance Wireless

Enterprise Grade WiFi 6 UniMax Access Points with high data rates. 
Automatic channel management for smoother WiFi connectivity

Reduce Congestion & Data Offloading

Advanced RRM functions for optimising networks 
Decongest networks & utilise higher channel capacity
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Authenticate Devices Seamlessly

Authenticate users with multiple authentication methods
Customisable Captive Portal with more than 20 templates to 
choose an identity which best aligns with your brand.

IOT Telecom Tower Monitoring

Monitor critical Telecom infrastructure with Universal Modem. The telecom industry has grown exponentially over the last decade, and with 5G, it's only about to grow. 5G requires smaller cell sites and increased telecom infrastructure provisioning. This extensive, remote and passive tower infrastructure requires constant monitoring to provide SLA and 99.99% uptime to the telecom companies. 
RMS helps in automating and monitoring the functioning of remote devices by allowing administrators to collect all the critical parameters from the passive telecom infrastructure periodically, make OTA changes and generate powerful analytics in the cloud.

Tenant Wise Energy Management

Monitor tower infrastructure monitoring, track energy consumption per tenant, cooling efficiency and battery charging and many other critical operation KPIs to reduce OPEX and improve efficiency.
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Environmental Sensors

Track the environmental parameters like temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc at each tower site from central console. 
Monitor the fuel levels to prevent theft and pilferage. Setup intruder alarm to get alerts when unauthorized people enter the premises.
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Onsite Security

Remote mobile towers are monitored 24x7 through sensors and surveillance cameras. 
Different sensors like PIR, smoke, humidity help keep infrastructure safe and enables swift response in case of untoward incident.
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Predictive Maintenance

Intelligent analytics driven dashboards reports deviations on asset performance and provide 360-degree visibility into health of the equipment. 
Provides reliable data to schedule preventive maintenance to improve uptime and reduce costly repairs.

SLA Compliance

It's hard to maintain SLA on the remote equipment installed in harsh, outdoor conditions. 
The central data provides powerful insights into mobile towers critical parameters and predict future failures. 
Service providers can maintain SLAs while effectively allocating human resources in the field.

Multi Vendor Integration

Mobile tower companies source equipment from various vendors each having different interfaces and communication protocols. 
Our RMS solution is designed to interface with makes and models from multiple vendors.
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Mobile Connectivity

Provide connectivity across remote areas & vehicular assets 
Hotspot enabled routers for full-featured hotspot functionality

Real Time Network Monitoring

Monitor all remote networks in real-time 
Manage and configure advanced Access Point settings remotely

Cloud Controlled Connectivity

Manage remote networks through a cloud native software 
Operate all core network elements centrally