Telecom Towers

We are at the heart of Technology Penetration, as this Continent positions for the Future.

Africa, the final frontier in global telecommunication services, is open for business.
W. Camden Towers is leading this push with a new generation of mobile technology service innovations.

The economic landscape of Africa is rapidly changing; we are proud to be a part of that change. We are a telecommunications infrastructure company, set up right here in Africa, to cater to your telecoms business needs on the continent.

From broadband to mobile telephony; to a focus on local value-added services, our infrastructure offerings are designed to deliver best-in-class services to all your end customers, right across the African marketplace.

Our products

W. Camden Towers is an expert enabler. Our infrastructure is playing a central role in the rollout of mobile in Africa, serving customers ranging from the Big-Five MNOs through to challenger brands looking for a speedy and low-cost route to market.

W. Camden Towers has extensive experience in managing tower assets across infrastructure-poor markets, and challenging environments. Our service is underpinned by a relentless pursuit of greater operational excellence, across uptime, reliability, safety and environmental performance. So whether you choose to co-locate your equipment on one of our existing structures or commission a new build-to-suit site, you’ll receive an on-air experience that is cost-efficient, effortless and productive.

Speed to market

We’re ready for you. We have the towers, the power and the lean projects team to design and implement the solution you need. Indeed, we have put national networks on air within a 6-month lead time.

Driving up uptime

Above all else, our role is to maintain reliable power and service, even in the most remote locations or challenging conditions.

We are committed to defining best-in-class power uptime and pushing it to new levels. Indeed, in one market we have already reduced downtime to just two seconds a week.

An expert support network

Our teams, 99% drawn from local expertise, know your markets, terrain, opportunities and challenges. You have a wealth of support behind your brand and its goals.


Leasing space on one of our existing towers is the most cost-effective and time-efficient way of getting a site on air, and comes with a range of service advantages:

  • The best sites. With access to over 7,000 towers in locations chosen for optimal performance conditions, the quality and reach of your coverage is assured.
  • Capital preservation. The economies of colocation are compelling: you can save significant new-build capex by consolidating into one of our towers.
  • Speed to market. No permitting needed, no environmental assessments, no design and build. It has all been done.


If our current portfolio doesn’t meet your needs, or you need coverage in a particular location, W. Camden Towers will build a tower for you. At every step, the goal is to deliver the reliability and service you’d expect from co-locating with us, and with the versatility that comes with infrastructure suitable for multiple customers.

We aim to build best-in-class solutions, optimised through proprietary IT systems to maximise both customer revenue and future sharing potential.


Sale & leaseback

MNOs may have existing portfolios of towers in their markets, a legacy from former rollouts before a TowerCo solution was available. WCT is able to acquire these and lease back space to their former owners, while also co-locating other tenants to increase the use of the infrastructure. Indeed, WCT pioneered this sale & leaseback approach; we were the first in the African mobile sector to offer it.

It presents a capital release opportunity for our customers, allowing them to refocus investment in more pressing areas of their business. At the same time we apply our expertise to optimise the towers we acquire, increasing uptime, streamlining costs and generally adding to the benefits of the transaction.


In-building solutions

The challenge of indoor coverage can lead to the loss of many high-value customers.

W. Camden Towers can provide in-building solutions infrastructure in specific, large-scale buildings such as shopping malls, high rise buildings and stadiums.

A number of these have been successfully rolled out in Ghana, and give the venue owner’s tenants great mobile coverage. It improves the commercial attractiveness of a building while increasing coverage for our customers in former black holes.


Managed services

At W. Camden Towers we can also actively manage towers belonging to our customers. In a scenario where a customer may not want a sale & leaseback transaction, WCT can run the day to day operations of the site, applying our business excellence practices to improve the tower and its uptime.

We can also place other tenants onto the site, increasing utilisation and providing a mutual benefit to the tower owner and new customers.


A sustainable business strategy to deliver on our purpose

W. Camden Towers plays an important role in enabling connectivity in Africa and contributing to social and economic development in our markets. Our strategy reflects our economic, social and environmental impacts and the value we create for all our stakeholders.

The three pillars of our strategy build on our values of Integrity, Partnership and Excellence and will help us to deliver on our purpose of driving the growth of communications in Africa.


Business excellence and efficiency

  • Resilience, continuity and innovation for long-term business performance and growth

We will continue to grow our business sustainably and innovate for our customers’ needs, maximising delivery of a continuous network service while minimising our environmental impact.

KPIs and targets 


  • Tenancy ratio
  • Adjusted EBITDA margin


  • Achieve an average one-minute weekly downtime per tower by the end of 2025


Network access and sustainable development

  • Increasing connectivity to improve livelihoods and strengthen economies

We will enable more individuals, communities and organisations to connect to a mobile network, providing access to life-enhancing services and driving economic growth in Africa.

KPIs and targets 


  • Population coverage


  • Expand to 12,000 towers in eight markets by the end of 2025
    • Increase the number of sites in rural and underserved regions by 1,500 by the end of 2025
  • Develop bespoke community needs‑based partnerships in 2021
    • Pilot phone-charging points for free community use on selected sites in 2021
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W. Camden owns and operates telecommunications towers and passive infrastructure in five high-growth African markets.

What we do

Our principal business lies in building, acquiring and operating telecommunications towers that are capable of accommodating and powering the needs of multiple tenants.

These tenants are typically large MNOs and other telecommunications providers who in turn provide wireless voice and data services, primarily to end-consumers and businesses.

We also offer comprehensive tower-related operational services, including site selection, site preparation, maintenance, security and power management. We provide space on our tower sites under a combination of master lease agreements (MLAs), which provide the commercial terms that govern the provision of tower space, and individual site agreements (ISAs), which act as an appendix to the relevant MLA and include site-specific information. We also enter into ground lease agreements with property owners to host our sites on their land.


Our assets

W. Camden is a leading independent telecoms tower company in Africa. We have a strong position in all our markets, and are the market leader and sole independent telecoms tower company in Nigeria, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo ("DRC") and Congo Brazzaville ("Congo B").

Our customers

Our core business is to provide mobile network operators (MNOs) with tower site space, power and related services for their active network equipment. As our markets have little or no fixed line voice or data infrastructure, the services we provide are essential for the development of communities.

We promote sharing of infrastructure through colocating multiple MNOs on each tower site. This consolidation of assets not only delivers maximum cost benefits to our customers but also reduces the environmental impact for the local populations we serve.

In addition, we construct new assets including ‘build-to-suit’ (BTS) towers, and localised small cell and in-building solutions. These are located in high-potential areas where our customers are looking to expand, due to the continued growth of mobile voice and data communications across our markets.

Right: Contracted Revenue by Customers Pie Chart